A roof over every bed: our community's Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness in King County

The Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness in King County offers a blueprint for how the region will work together to confront the issues that cause homelessness and create the housing and supportive services needed to end homelessness for the thousands of men, women and children who currently live without a permanent roof over their heads.

The plan, introduced in March 2005, has been approved by the Metropolitan King County Council and endorsed by cities representing 85 percent of the county's population, as well as by dozens of social organizations and faith communities countywide.

Five Year Plan to End Veteran Homelessness in King County

Seattle/King County has a long history of bringing diverse partners to the table and developing a high degree of top level collaboration. The Committee to End Homelessness’ Funders Group, which is comprised of seven different funders in the King County region, is an example of this collaborative approach. In 2010, the CEH Funders Group added a representative of the regional Veterans Administration to its ranks and invited the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs to join in coordinated planning for a King County Five Year Plan to End Veterans Homelessness. That plan was adopted in May of 2011, and coordinates federal, state and local investments and priorities in a comprehensive plan to end veterans homelessness in 2015.

Priority Action Steps to Prevent and End Youth and Young Adult Homelessness: An Implementation Plan

As a result of the Ten Year Plan Mid Plan Review several local philanthropies and investors, along with public funders and youth and young adults providers, came together define the elements of a youth and young adult homeless ‘system’ focused on prevention, intervention and best practices.


The plan was developed by a coalition of more than 30 housing and service providers, faith organizations, businesses, county and city governments, homeless people and homeless advocates. The Ten-Year Plan and the establishment of the Committee to End Homelessness in King County were fully launched in July 2005.

Who is involved

We are all in this together. The Committee to End Homelessness in King County includes community leaders - in business, social services, faith, housing, government, philanthropy, and more - who have come together as never before to take a stand and make a difference. Individuals who are, or were homeless contribute at every level and on every committee. None of this would work however, without the broad community support and involvement that already exists and is growing.

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