Consumer Advisory Council

The Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) consists of approximately 20 members who have experienced homelessness in King County, and people in poverty who are at risk of becoming homeless. Membership is structured so that it is represents the broad array of people who experience homelessness in King County - by region, age, ethnicity, gender and family composition.

The Consumer Advisory Council works to ensure that the effort to end homelessness in King County incorporates the expertise of people who experience homelessness at all levels of implementation, evaluation and plan revision and was created as one piece of a three-part governance structure approved by the Committee to End Homelessness King County. They are self-governing and charged with providing feedback to the Governing Board and Interagency Council on policy and strategies in the implementation of the Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness.


  • Identify problems in the current systems of housing and services that are particularly important to correct.
  • Give input to the various CEH workgroups on what strategies will be most effective, from a person who is/was homeless, on ending homelessness
  • Suggest ways that community members can participate in activities to learn more about homelessness
  • Educate policy makers and legislators on how laws and regulations affect people who are homeless and what changes could help people move out of homelessness
  • Advocate for system reform and increased funding at the local, state and federal levels in support of the Ten-Year Plan, in coordination with other CEHKC committees and efforts

Committee members

Below is the list of Consumer Advisory Council members. For confidentially reasons, only their first names are listed.

  • Ariyetta
  • Daniel
  • Dahkota
  • Eddie
  • Latrice W.
  • Linda
  • Margaret
  • Nancy S.
  • Roger
  • Stacy
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